Monday, July 13, 2009

How to Choose CB Radio Antenna

Antenna is playing big role to give best result of two way cb radio communication. Even you use good cb radio, but you use bad cb antenna, your two way communication quality will be disappointed. In same manner, if you use cheap cb radio but use good cb antenna, you will get satisfaction during your two way radio communication.
To choose a good cb antenna, first you have to know about what kind of metal used on antenna construction. Better metal position on Volta list means better conductivity. So it will radiate more energy to air (and not send it back to your cb radio resulting a high VSWR value).
Second, lower take off angle means good long distance range while higher angle means good two way local radio communication.
Third, the longer the whip (for whip CB antenna), the better result will get. Most of factory made whip CB antennas are consist of a whip and a coil. Since the wavelength is 11 meters, the normal whip long will make your car or truck look like "Lunar Module". So antenna factories offers some models with reducing the whip length. Just remember this, shorter whip mean shorter range.
Fourth, higher the antenna gain is better. It's simple to see this. Just check on antenna cover. And compare your CB antenna candidate with others. Gain value is a number indicating how much your radio energy will be amplified on air. So if the gain is high, radio energy will increase and will make sure a succesful of a two way radio communication.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

CB Radio Antenna

Good radio and a good antenna are two important factors needed to achieve good quality two way radio communication. This rule also should well implement in CB radio station setup. Even you go mobile or you put your CB radio as base radio, these two factors will affect your radio communication quality over CB band. Especially CB radio which uses 27 MHz frequency that also known as unprotected frequency from interference.

One good factor of usage 27 MHz as CB frequeny is we can use such antenna that not too long in size. Working frequency at 27 MHz mean the wavelength will be around 11 meters. So put this 11 meter to calculation will result 1/4 wavelength will be around 2,7 meter. This antenna length is relatively short compared with lower two way communication frequency.

Put or mount your CB radio antenna as high as possible. It will lowering the take-off angle of RF pattern and will make it good CB antenna for long distance communication. But please comply with your local law about how high a CB radio antenna can be placed. Some countries limiting CB radio antenna to max 18 m high. But it might be different to some other countries.